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Hops Flower | Jalapeño Lime | Lavender Sage | Lavender | Lemon Thyme | Mediterranean Citrus | Rosemary Sage | Shiitake Cremini | Thai Ginger Lemongrass

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Looking to craft the perfect host gift? Create a perfect flavor profile for that friend or loved one? Or, looking to stock your own pantry? Simply select up to six salt jars you want in your box and curate your own savory experience! Bundles with four or more salts will have the same discount as our pre-curated boxes.


So, we can watch a movie at 40,000 feet in the sky, but our website provider is like “whoa, that’s a lot of variations for one product listing.” So…alas, no simple drop down menu where you can easily select from any of our eleven flavors. Technology, amiright? Luckily, we’re humans and we can still do the (oh-so) hard work of actually writing messages to each other, which is what you’ll need to do in the Notes section in the Checkout window. Tell us the flavors you want (see list below) and we’ll take it from there. Ordering more than one box? Cool and thanks! Just label those Box 1, Box 2, etc. (We’ll make sure you know which one is which.)

Looking for Vanilla Bean? Check out this bundle:

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