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Our Story

Oh hey, Salty Ones. 

I'm Johanna. I've been crafting small batch, hand-cured sea salts with fresh ingredients since 2013 and it all started because of a little lemon and thyme. Lemon Thyme: that was the flavor batch that made me realize curing fresh and local-as-possible ingredients was not only the most delicious way to cure, it was also the most environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Nearly ten years and ten flavors later, I'm still passionate about empowering people like you to create dishes you love to eat. I believe in Chef You! I'm a middle school teacher, too, and I've always loved getting up in the morning because I felt like teaching was making the world a better place. I feel the same way about this business: it should make the community it's in better, too.

So, I source fresh ingredients from local growers in Chicago like the Windy City Youth Farm and small neighborhood markets like Forty Acres Fresh Market, and donate 10% of our annual revenue to organizations that are working to unravel the decades of intentional racism and economic disinvestment in our city.

Because food tastes better when everyone is at the table. 

Welcome to the only salt company on Chicago’s West Side.  We’re on a mission to make our world (and dinner) more savory--join us! 

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