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Who We Support

We believe food tastes better when
everyone is at the table.


At Keep It Savory Salt Co, we celebrate the folks who have been keeping our neighborhood savory long before we got here. We donate a portion of our year-end profits to local organizations working daily to reduce the effects of legacy racism and disinvestment in our community. Additionally, all of our Wedding and Party Favor clients have the opportunity to choose an organization for us to donate to on their behalf. Meet a few of the organizations we are grateful for below.

What happens when we turn on the Power and Equity moves like electricity through our homes, streets, neighborhoods and cities? 


The first known community-led museum in a shipping container in a garden, the Lawndale PopUp Spot empowers neighbors to design community-focused museum exhibits and coordinates events, such as Sundays on the Boulevard, that celebrate the rich and vibrant culture of North Lawndale.


Creating economic opportunity for North Lawndale residents through innovative employment initiatives, North Lawndale Employment Network's programs and social enterprise, Sweet Beginnings, has led to economic advancement in our neighborhood since 1999.

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